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The Nola Chick – Retro Pinup Vibe

Posted by: The Pinupmeister

The Nola Chick
Photo Copyright Hampton Van Meter 2009

The New Orleans, Louisiana-born Nola Chick is an up and coming pinup model. Having been told that she had “that look”, she tried her hand at modeling and found that she had a passion and flair for it.

As you can see from these photos, she’s got the whole 40’s and 50’s pinup vibe going on. This session with photographer Hampton Van Meter really captures the feel of the vintage pinup.

Marielle puts together her own outfits, finding just the right look for the effect she’s going for. Working with the photographer, she brings her own vision and creativity to each shoot.

Her portfolio is varied and shows a willingness to experiment and push the envelope. The Hampton Van Meter shots are my personal favorites, but there’s plenty of good stuff in the other sessions, as well.

Classic pose

Photo Copyright Hampton Van Meter 2009

Check out Marielle’s web site, NolaChick.net for more photos and info. Follow her on Twitter @TheNolaChick.

The Pinupmeister

4 Responses to “The Nola Chick – Retro Pinup Vibe”

  1. Nola Chick on Bienville – Spiritfa - Photography by Mark Mouton Says:

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  2. Visitor Says:

    She is just dreamy!

  3. Tony Says:

    It seems to me that the biggest challenge to reproducing authentic looking retro modeling is somehow erasing the look of confidence that permeates a contemporary model’s face. There are undeniable elements of humility in the faces of 50’s and 60’s models. When self-esteem is apparent (ie., Betty P.) it is accompanied by a girlish innocence of demeanor. Also seemingly impossible to replicate are those the awkward poses. You can almost envision the photographer’s directing, just moments before the shot: “put your arm up behind your head” “like this?” POOF! shot before she was even ready! Equally elusive is the often shallow depth of field in many of the shots–surely this isn’t impossible to replicate with a fixed lens on a digital camera, or is it? I try to appreciate photographers using contemporary models attempting retro style shoots–but I have yet to see one capture a truly authentic homage. A good start might be to tone down the notion of “cheesy camp” sub motive and approach the challenge with a heavy respect of a nearly impossible task worth pursuing.

  4. pinupmeister Says:

    Interesting viewpoint and probably pretty accurate, at least in terms of the demeanor of modern models. Part of the “confidence” you’re referring to may very well be that semi-nude and nude modeling is much more accepted these days than it was in the 40’s and 50’s. There’s no longer that whole “taboo” vibe going on. Betty Page is a good example in that her demeanor basically said, “Yeah, I know you have a problem with it, but it’s your problem.”

    Anyway, in addition to reproducing the retro vibe, it’s just difficult to get the right combination of photographer and model to get great pictures. The model has to be good at what she does and the photographer has to be smart enough to let her do it instead of over-helping.

    Thanks for the comment.

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