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Pinup Girls Facebook Group

Posted by: The Pinupmeister

I’m something of a Facebook newbie which is a good thing in that there are so many happy discoveries to be made. One such find is the Pinup Girls group.

I’ve just joined the group today so am still learning about it, but it’s an open group where fans of pinups and pinup models have access to resources within the world of pinups. It’s nice to see it’s alive and well, although there was never any doubt. Pinups are timeless, which is one of the things that is so appealing about them.

The group has a photo section where models display their, uh, portfolios. Members vote in the monthly contest to determine the Pinup Girl of the Month. The April contest is going on now.

The Pinup Meister

One Response to “Pinup Girls Facebook Group”

  1. pinupgirlsgroup Says:

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    Is it possible? Do you want to help?

    Join Pinup Girls Group at Facebook.
    Pinup Girls Group “Helping Keep Pinup Style Alive”


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